The Discounted Legal Representation Program (BB500) is designed to offer businesses cost-effective legal support. This program provides a valuable resource for navigating various legal challenges, offering affordable representation to address a range of legal needs. It aims to empower businesses by making legal assistance more accessible, particularly for those with budgetary considerations.

Our services under BB500 encompass a range of legal areas, including Business Law, Commercial Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, and more. As a participant in BB500, businesses gain access to our seasoned attorneys and benefit from specialized legal expertise at a discounted rate.

Contact Bellavia Blatt at or call 516-873-3000 to learn more about how BB500 can be a strategic legal solution for your business.

Participants in Bellavia Blatt, PC’s BB500 Discounted Legal Representation Program will receive the following for only $500 per month:

  • Unlimited telephone consultations about general business operations (e.g., credit issues, employment and labor practices, franchise issues, privacy rules, advertising compliance, review of vendor contracts, best practices review and consumer complaints)
  • Preparation of letters and general releases in response to customer complaints
  • Assistance responding to state and federal regulatory agency inquiries
  • A substantially reduced hourly fee for matters not covered
  • Regular updates regarding best practices and regulatory compliance

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