Many employers require their employees to drive as part of their job positions for various reasons. Each October, the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety launches a national campaign called Drive Safely Work Week calling for attention to the issues concerning employee driving safety. This year’s campaign continues the focus on encouraging employers to implement driving safety policies for employees.

It has been estimated that overall, motor vehicle accidents cause employers $60 billion dollars each year. According to OSHA statistics, a typical motor vehicle crash can cost an employer $16,500. If an injury arises, that cost may rise to $74,000 and may exceed $500,000 if the crash results in a fatality. With employers responsible for paying the costs associated with liability, an accident can cause serious financial harm to a company, or even cause it to go out of business.

The Drive Safely Work Week campaign urges employers to adopt driving safety policies in the workplace. For example, policies prohibiting employees from talking on cell phones or texting while driving could encourage employees to adhere to safety measures. Requiring employees to use seat belts and abstain from alcohol or drug consumption are also policies that should be adopted in the workplace. Additionally, employers who require employees regularly drive as part of their jobs should check their driving records on a regular basis as well as ensure that they are properly licensed. Employers should also maintain adequate insurance in the event that an accident arises.

Developing a drivers’ safety program in your workplace could have far reaching positive effects such as protecting your employees from injury or fatality; protecting your organization from financial loss and liability; and increasing employee morale by demonstrating that your company cares about their safety and welfare.

Setting up a safety program is relatively simple and inexpensive. For more information on the Drive Safely Work Week, click here.

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