Who We Are

Established in 1987, Bellavia Blatt is a nationally recognized franchise and business law authority. With offices strategically located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we extend our comprehensive legal counsel and services to businesses on Long Island and beyond.

Leadership Perspective

Our founder and senior partner, Leonard A. Bellavia, brings a distinctive perspective forged by his family’s ownership of one of the largest automobile dealer groups in the New York area. His hands-on involvement in diverse business roles provides invaluable insight into the operational intricacies of businesses—a perspective often absent in the legal profession.

Mr. Bellavia’s track record speaks volumes. He has spearheaded some of the largest mass action lawsuits, representing hundreds of businesses against Fortune 500 companies. This success has propelled Bellavia Blatt to an impressive record of victories over major franchisors, vendors, and government regulators.

Expertise at the Core

Integral to our growth and success is Partner Steven H. Blatt, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in various realms:

  • Commercial Litigation: Trust Bellavia Blatt for strategic guidance in navigating commercial disputes.
  • Employment and Labor Law: Benefit from our expertise in employment matters, from wrongful discharges to wage-hour disputes.
  • Franchise Litigation: Navigate the complexities of franchise law with confidence through our specialized guidance.
  • Loan Workouts and Lender Liability: Secure sound advice on loan-related matters and lender liability concerns.

Mr. Blatt serves as a valuable resource, representing businesses in complaints filed with various regulatory bodies. His expertise ensures that Bellavia Blatt remains at the forefront of addressing businesses’ nuanced legal challenges.

Let Bellavia Blatt be your strategic partner on the path to legal success.

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